Thursday, December 30, 2010

Good looking and accessible?

We had the task of working out all the little bits and pieces we need for the ensuite bathroom in order to make it fully wheelie accessible.  It was a fair task though to pick out stuff that was accessible, that looked good too.  This initial process was just to get a tender letter back with prices, so we went with what we would love and it would be more than likely that we will have to trade these things out for cheaper alternatives.  Fingers crossed though that we don't have to lose too many things.

The trickiest thing to find was the basin.  We decided that a wall mounted basin would be the way to go and I wanted something that I could wheel straight under in either my day chair or shower chair.  Stacey and I loved the water plane basin that 'the boys' used on The Block, and it would be perfect for us, but unfortunately it costs around $3,000!!! Back to the drawing board.

After scouring the Reece website, we came up with this.

 This Alape basin measures 1000mm wide, providing plenty of space on either side of the basin itself.  As far as storage goes, we are thinking some wall mounted bench space with drawers working in flush next to this.  This is a little bit of an idea of what we are thinking.

A tiled feature wall would be pretty cool, but I think that that is going to be a little bit of bling that we will be going without!

We've pinched a bit of extra space from the bedroom and also from the WIR and at the moment our layout is looking a little like this.

 Because of where the external walls are, we've been told we might have some issues getting the 920mm cavity sliding door in there, but we're waiting to see what the engineers come back to us with.  We might even switch the toilet and shower around too, so that the fold down shower seat can be on the side of the shower rather than under the shower set.  Although doing that may mean that we can't mount the toilet grab rail on the wall due to the cavity door.  We'll work something out, but we're at a little bit of a stand still until we hear more from Coral Homes.


  1. Groovy basin Ads. I hear ya on the "boys from the block". Have you looked on ebay or any of the building clearance sites? Loz's sister picked up something similar for around $350 recently.
    The tiles sure do add up. Ours were hella expensive, but we did see lots of bathrooms in our display travels that were interesting and stylish using tiles from the base ranges.
    Are you having fun yet????

  2. I wouldn't say it's fun yet!! It's still a bit daunting as we have soooo much to still decide on, particularily colour wise. Stupid colours have to infinite don't they!!

    I think we are reasonably settled on an interior wall colour, but until we know about our floor, cost, look, it's hard to make decisions.

    Thankfully I have the winning ticket for tonight's $31m lotto, so all worries will soon be forgotten!

    oh, and what are the links for these building clearance sites. The only place I keep tabs on so far is That's where I picked up our side opening DeLongi oven (hmmm, new post in that!)

  3. And while I'm checking in here I'll wish you a Happy New Year :)

  4. The lavatory looks great.

    I hope your new year is a happy one too, Loz.