Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Propped up!

Here are some snaps from the weekend. All the walls were up, and being propped up still. I don't know what the process of framing involves... does this mean they had to come in and do some bracing or something next??

Will be heading down later in the week, Thursday or Friday to see how much has been done!

From inside double garage, looking across single garage, towards the lounge

Same view, but looking further around towards the study

From living/dining, looking back at kitchen and down hallway to front door

From living looking toward activity room and bathroom

From living looking out across alfresco

Friday, August 26, 2011

Framing has begun

The frame started on Thursday. The weather has been holding out the last couple of days, but it looks like it could bucket down at any point. We're suppose to have some rain this weekend, but then a week of 'mostly fine, possible shower". I went down Thursday at around 11am and they had the rooms all mapped out with timber and it made the slab look big again, but I'm sure once the walls are actually up it'll look small again! Nathan the chippie seems like a good bloke and had spotted a couple of things on the plan that he wanted to ask me about, which I was pretty impressed with. The opening through to the wet areas at the back of the house was only 850mm and he noticed that most of the doors were 920mm, so asked if we wanted that a touch wider. He was really accommodating too with making provisions for the dog door to go through the wall.

Here's a pretty rough snap of what they had done so far.

And a wide view from the closest corner to our place. You can see our water tank there at the back of the block!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Slab's down!

Our slab has been poured today a day before they were planning. I got down there around 11ish and it was already poured and they were running the helicopter over the top and starting to knock out the framing around the edges. There was a bit of water sitting on the top as we had light showers on and off most of the morning. By about 1pm the sky was blue and there wasn't a cloud in site.

It was funny, the slab in some ways looks really big but once you look at and start mapping out the rooms on top it starts to look tiny. The garage area is HUGE though. It would make an awesome rumpus area with big bi-folds opening up on to the backyard. But anyway... that's not going to happen!!! Here's some snaps... forgive the quality.

Monday, August 15, 2011

We're Screwed!

Screw piers went in at the end of last week. We went down on Saturday with the kids and they seemed more impressed with the port-a-loo! The area that the piers cover looks tiny, even though its going to be a pretty big house! I'm sure once the slab is down we're going to be wondering how we'll fit everything in.

Plumbing and drainage begins today, and slab prep and pour are booked in for Thursday and Friday. Fingers crossed for good weather. Lots of 'possible showers' this week, so hopefully it holds off!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

...and they're off and racing!

On Tuesday we got started and we had our on-site meeting with our Site Supervisor, Steve. He seems like a really good guy and that he's going to be extremely easy to deal with. Nothing much had been done yet, but that was kind of expected, even though there was a chance that the site cut may had been done the day before. It was being done later that day and was only going to take about an hour. So when we were therem we had a toilet, a green fence and the gravel for the driveway.

It was also good to see that a lot had been done on the estate remaining stages. Our street is more or less finished, as are the other streets in stage 6 and onward, and a lot of the blocks have been shaped. The more of this work that is done before we are finished the better as the access point to the site is one block across from us! Khai will love it though! There's heavy machinery everywhere!

Here's a shot of what's being done. I just used a program called DoubleTake to stitch some pics together and it was awesome. Only took 1 minute tops. I was expecting it to be trickier! Big thumbs up. I think I'll register it so I can get rid of the watermark you get in trial mode.