Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tranquil Retreat

Here is the colour we have decided on for the interior walls.  It's called Tranquil Retreat and it's a Dulux colour.  Sorry the pic is so small, just a screen grab and the Dulux website wouldn't make this swatch any bigger for me!
 I think this, with white doors and skirting boards is going to look great.  We have had 3 different greys/beiges on canvasses around Stacey's place for a couple of weeks, and it was a good exercise as we originally thought we would go for another grey.

Feature walls are going to be more of a long term project, as to not rake up more costs at this early stage.  Stacey seems to think that she'll be able to stand up and use the blue masking tape stuff, and with a roller on a pole hopefully we will be right when the time comes.  We might have to enlist the help of some upright person we know!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Nearmap update

Nearmap flew over our block earlier in the year and just recently they have uploaded the new images.

Here is a new view as of 18th January this year.

You can see that construction has started in stage 4 (Alfa Drive), and now that registration has occurred in our stage 5, you would imagine that we will see some action soon on our street.  Bring on tender letter 2!!! Baby steps.... baby steps....

Sunday, February 13, 2011

The afore mentioned table

Whenever I think of Ikea... this guy comes into mind....

Anyhow the Swedes have designed this extendable table that Stacey found.  It can be setup in three configurations, but I think considering that the ends will be a perfect space for Stace and I to sit in our chairs, it will probably live in its longest form.

 The Eames chairs will look great along side of it.  This is the Oak colour, and I have a feeling that this is going to be closer in colour to the Eames legs than the lighter birch colour also available.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dining chairs

Stacey found these awesome replica Eames dining chairs that we both love. She's also sourced a great extendable dining table from Ikea called the Svenjigdudesons or something like that that goes great with them and is pretty cheap. It could very well end up being what some engagement present simoleons will get us.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Revisiting roof tiles!!

We have gone off our external colour scheme and are back at the drawing board! In the end the loft colourbond gutters and the passionfruit tiles were a deal breaker. The samples below show the passionfruit to be a lot more purple than the Monier website indicates. Originally we liked the darker colours, but reading through the Coral colour selection booklet (novel) it says that darker colours can affect your energy rating and in turn incur more costs.

The next thought was Kava (first column, second row), with Ironstone gutters and Shale Grey facia, but again, the difference between website and sample is huge. The sample appears much more blue.

We don't like the browns or reds, so I think I need to make some calls and see of a darker tile will in fact incur extra charges and if so, how much. A job for today! And hopefully the guy who made Stacey's ring calls today and swings by to organise her resize!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

"Drewy" Wolseley Way.....

Registration is in and our house number will be that that was worn by the great one, Andrew Gaze.... #10.  I called GCCC today to find out the number and after getting the word and telling Stacey we both felt pretty happy with the number 10.  Not sure why, and Stace couldn't explain it either, but we just like it!

We told the kids today that we are building a house to live in and took them for a drive down to the block straight from school.  Eb gets pretty nervous about change and we were wondering how long it would take her to work out that she was going to have to change schools.  We were still out the front of the school and literally 20 seconds out of the gate!  She's got plenty of time to get use to the idea yet, so hopefully she gets herself to a better head space before then, and that she doesn't have any other influences making her even more upset.  <insert rolling eyes emoticon here>

The kids had a good run around the block and it appears from a distance that Khai is 5 retaining wall blocks tall out of the 7, making 5 blocks about 106cm (6cm of growth between ages 4 and 5 - and boy he needs it, with the 'Duck's Disease' and all he got from his mother!).

Kids Positives - McDonalds very close by, Dreamworld very close by (plus Uncle Nick considering an annual pass to take them!), Adam and Buddy around all the time, choosing room colours (not sure how much choosing they will be doing! Khai especially - "Dark blue and red")

Kids Negatives - Nervous about a new school (Khai seems fine with this though), 3 months is too long to build a house! (Maybe I should let Ebony negotiate the contract!)