Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tiles Tiles Tiles

Saturday just past we decided it would be more productive to go to Beaumont Tiles on a day they were open, so we headed down for pre-selection to see what was on offer.  I didn't want to vary from whatever range was included in our package, and went in fearing the worst.  Luckily the range available to us was pretty extensive.  Yvette at Beaumont's in Oxenford was really helpful.

In the end we walked out knowing what we wanted.... and this involved changing our whole idea of what our kitchen was going to look like, and our interior wall colour (which I half expected, as this is probably the last piece of the puzzle).

I can't remember the names of all three tiles that we picked, but I do know the one for the ensuite and bathroom floors is called Savvy Latte.

The darker tile is Savvy Latte, and the lighter one is for the walls in the bathrooms.

And a close up.

For the kitchen splashback we have a plainer light tile, which will have the dark Savvy Latte, halved and used as feature tile in some way.  Going away from our white and black kitchen, we will have Laminex Diamond Gloss Lunar Stone for the benchtops and Parchment for the cabinets.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Shale Grey out, Dune in

As above!  We'll make our minds up eventually!

So in revision....

Monier Elebana Kava tiles

Colourbond Ironstone gutters and garage doors, and maybe external doors too.

Colourbond Dune Fascias

Dulux Limed White external walls

This swatch looks a lot darker than the board I have painted for a sample.  I better check that the sample wasn't half or quarter!

Forgot to mention in the last post that our last visit to the block revealed that there were a lot of sold signs up in our stage, including our neighbour on the east boundary (our alfresco side).  Hopefully the other side sells too so we have an easier time splitting fencing costs when they come about.  I forgot to look to see if the block over the back has sold too.  It's only a 13m boundary, so I'm not as concerned about it, it's more about the 31-32m boundaries on our sides.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The calm before the storm

Sorry I've been slack with posting here, so for those that don't know where we're up to, here's an update.

Last week a courier dropped off what felt like an entire tree's worth of paper.  Inside, contracts, revised tender, all the drawings, tile selection details, finishes selection details.... LOTS of stuff.  I think I was sitting down reading through it all for about 4 or 5 hours.

Contract has been looked over and we're ready to move on.  We need to get our covenant application in, and a few other little things before Coral will give us a start date, but hopefully these things aren't too far away...fingers crossed.

Beaumont Tiles called today to make an appointment to go and select our tiles.  This 'shouldn't be too big of a job as we are only having tiles in the ensuite, and the bathroomWC/Laundry area at the back of the house.

A couple of things will need to be changed on the plans.  A couple of things in the ensuite aren't right and we need to flip around the L-shape configuration of the shelving in the WIR.  Pretty minor changes.

We have settled on a colour scheme for the exterior.

Monier 'Kava' tiles

Colourbond 'Ironstone' gutters

Colourbond 'Shale Grey' Fascias

Dulux 'Limed White' Walls

Coulourbond 'Ironstone' garage doors.

Choosing the tile proved to be tricky, as everywhere you looked the colours were different.  In the end I had CSR send out a couple of samples.  I was very impressed when someone from CSR rocked up at the house with a bunch of tiles for me to have a look at.  Even the guy who came around said the colours on the sample swatch tiles, and the brochures and the website are horrible.  Nothing is accurate.   We had a bit of a chat, and the bloke had been in the industry for quite a while it seemed.  He was saying that the industry is so slow at the moment and Coral don't have much work on at all.  Hopefully this means a speedy build for us, without unnecessary delays.

Friends in Melbourne have just started their build with their frame going up earlier this week.  Their blog is Destination:3977. They're actually building pretty close to Mum's place.

It will be good following them and hopefully steering clear of any problems that they may encounter!  Have picked up lots of good tips from their blog.

Will hopefully have more news soon, and I'll sort some pics of the exterior colours all together!