Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Waiting, waiting, waiting

Thought I would throw up a quick update on where we are at.  Council has approved us.  That came through last week and I'm pretty happy with that result.  They turned our application around in 3 weeks, 1 week quicker than the 4-6 weeks they predict.  The private certifier should be taking the remaining of their work to Coral today.

Last week we also got the variations for the extra things we selected at our finishes meeting.  I was pretty happy with those prices, although I'm not looking forward to our electrical extras!

So now we're just waiting on a start date.  Vicki, our CSO at Coral made a guesstimate last week that if all things fall in to place we could have a start date issued by this Friday.  We;re not getting our hopes up, but hopefully that's a good indication that it will in face be sooner rather than later.  If we get do get it by Friday, that should translate into getting started around the 20th July or definitely in that last week of July.  So maybe, we will be in around the end of October??!! We'll see!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lock it in Eddie!

It's been a long time between posts, but really there hasn't been all that much happening.  Plans have been with the private certifier, and are now with council and we went and did our final tile selection a couple of weekends ago.  We already knew what we wanted tile wise, but we did change the size of our floor tile for the wet areas from a 400x400 to a 300x300 to avoid additional charges and issues with creating the fall for the roll in ensuite shower.

Last Thursday we had our finishes meeting and finalised the last of what we wanted.  We made a couple of small changes while we were there, upgrading to Wash and Wear paint, adding mirrored sliding doors to bedrooms 2, 3 and 4, chrome wastes etc.

So here is a run down of what has been selected.

PAINT - Interior

Ceiling - Ceiling White

Walls - Stowe White

Doors and trim - Vivid White

Feature walls (These have not been selected but we will probably organise these with the painter directly, or do them ourselves after handover)

Living room wall behind TV - Grass Sands

Activity Room (back wall with bathroom on other side) - Bay's Water

Theatre/Lounge (yet to decide, but I want a dark grey perhaps on the wall where the fixed screen will be mounted, between lounge and alfresco)


Tiles - Monier Elabana - Kava (below pic shows it up a little dark)

Render colour - Limed White Half (the colour painted on the wall to the left)


Gutter and Fascia - Colourbond Ironstone

Garage Doors - Contemporary profile - Colourbond Ironstone

Front door (and laundry door) -Hume XS24 1200mm with Africana Glass - Dulux - Colourbond Ironstone


Front door handle (top left)

Interior door handle (bottom)

Towel Rails and toilet roll holders

Shower and Bath mixers and Bath Spout

Bathroom and Ensuite basin swivel mixer tap

Shower set for ensuite (doubles as a grab rail)

Wardrobe doors - Mirrored with polished framing, except for in laundry where we chose Altlantis Chalk vinyl.

Atlantis Chalk

Kitchen and Bathrooms

We have the same bench tops and cabinet colours in the bathrooms and kitchen.

Bench tops - Laminex Diamond Gloss - Lunar Stone
Cabinets - Parchment (not in Diamond Gloss)


The entire house will be timber laminate, except for the ensuite, and bathroom/WC/laundry area at the back of the house.

We ended up choosing the Maple Block Wood Texture laminate.

Our tiles have also been in a previous post.

Dark for the floor, light for bathroom showers and splashbacks.

Light tile below is for kitchen splashback.

There is probably more stuff that we chose the other day, but this is the bulk of it.

As I mentioned at the start of the post, our plans were submitted to council on the 30th May, so hopefully they can turn those around in 4 weeks by the end of June!! Fingers crossed!!