Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Revisiting roof tiles!!

We have gone off our external colour scheme and are back at the drawing board! In the end the loft colourbond gutters and the passionfruit tiles were a deal breaker. The samples below show the passionfruit to be a lot more purple than the Monier website indicates. Originally we liked the darker colours, but reading through the Coral colour selection booklet (novel) it says that darker colours can affect your energy rating and in turn incur more costs.

The next thought was Kava (first column, second row), with Ironstone gutters and Shale Grey facia, but again, the difference between website and sample is huge. The sample appears much more blue.

We don't like the browns or reds, so I think I need to make some calls and see of a darker tile will in fact incur extra charges and if so, how much. A job for today! And hopefully the guy who made Stacey's ring calls today and swings by to organise her resize!!


  1. Ring??????? Details please young man!

  2. We got engaged in November in New Caledonia while on a cruise.

  3. Awww...that's lovely. CONGRATULATIONS (albeit belated now)