Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Tiles done!

I don't have any super pics of the tiles as by the time we got there the painter had basically covered them all up. One thing though, they do look really good.. Luckily there were enough there to take the showers all the way to the roof, and to have the kitchen splashback 660 high all the way along the length of the bench.

In hindsight, we probably should have at least inquired how much it would be to tile the entire ensuite as once we saw it in the flesh, it wasn't all that much more space to cover! Anyhow, it looks great.

The place got broken in to on the weekend. The tiler lost some tools ans a few bits and pieces. Nothing of great value, but just a pain in the backside to go and replace. No damage to the place other than a bit of a scratch on the cavity slider they came in through that was being kept closed by a screw in the wall behind it. Will be fixed up no worries.

It should be harder for anyone to get in now as the garage doors all went in yesterday morning.

The painter will be spraying over the next couple of days before rolling the final coat. So we should get to see some colour on the walls on Friday.

We had a last minute change of colours over the weekend. Our initial meeting with the painter had him advising us against the whites we had chosen to avoid the risk of yellowing. So we have gone darker on the walls, so that we could keep the skirting and doors lighter than it. We also changed up our feature wall colours slightly. Stacey has decked out the couch with blues and natural tones now instead of the greens we had, and we'll carry a light blue from there on the wall in the living room, with a dark blue in the activity room. We have a green that will go in our bedroom to match up with our bedding.

Here are the colours...

(From top to bottom)

White Duck
White Duck 1/4

Green - Rodham

The rendering had well and truly started and they think they'll be done by Thursday.

Here are a few shots from yesterday's visit.


  1. Looks amazing Adam. Can't believe how quickly it's coming together. Can't be more than 6 weeks of work left, tops. Have you an approximate date for hand over??

  2. They are flying. We had to sit there with the calendar to work out how far in we were. No word on handover yet. I haven't really spoken to our SS in a bit. Hasn't really been a need to. Should really start tackling post handover jobs, and maybe start packing/ditching some stuff!