Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tiles Tiles Tiles

Saturday just past we decided it would be more productive to go to Beaumont Tiles on a day they were open, so we headed down for pre-selection to see what was on offer.  I didn't want to vary from whatever range was included in our package, and went in fearing the worst.  Luckily the range available to us was pretty extensive.  Yvette at Beaumont's in Oxenford was really helpful.

In the end we walked out knowing what we wanted.... and this involved changing our whole idea of what our kitchen was going to look like, and our interior wall colour (which I half expected, as this is probably the last piece of the puzzle).

I can't remember the names of all three tiles that we picked, but I do know the one for the ensuite and bathroom floors is called Savvy Latte.

The darker tile is Savvy Latte, and the lighter one is for the walls in the bathrooms.

And a close up.

For the kitchen splashback we have a plainer light tile, which will have the dark Savvy Latte, halved and used as feature tile in some way.  Going away from our white and black kitchen, we will have Laminex Diamond Gloss Lunar Stone for the benchtops and Parchment for the cabinets.


    Almost the same floor tile as us. We've gone with plain white gloss on the walls and splurged a little on some features. I like that they're big tiles too. Small ones in shower recesses = too much grout to clean.
    Doing well with your selections so far guys :)

  2. We're getting there. I wish we didn't have to deal with all the accessibility stuff... it's the biggest headache!

    Contract variations are in to be sorted out... covenant approval has been sent off which should be around a week, so hopefully within a fortnight we are set to send everything off to council.