Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Shale Grey out, Dune in

As above!  We'll make our minds up eventually!

So in revision....

Monier Elebana Kava tiles

Colourbond Ironstone gutters and garage doors, and maybe external doors too.

Colourbond Dune Fascias

Dulux Limed White external walls

This swatch looks a lot darker than the board I have painted for a sample.  I better check that the sample wasn't half or quarter!

Forgot to mention in the last post that our last visit to the block revealed that there were a lot of sold signs up in our stage, including our neighbour on the east boundary (our alfresco side).  Hopefully the other side sells too so we have an easier time splitting fencing costs when they come about.  I forgot to look to see if the block over the back has sold too.  It's only a 13m boundary, so I'm not as concerned about it, it's more about the 31-32m boundaries on our sides.


  1. BiG fan of dune (although we haven't used it ourselves). Friends on our estate (deb of our savannah blog) have for gutters, fascia and garage door. Looks lovely.
    What's your external cladding? Hebel or rendered brick? And window colour??

  2. Hey Raels,

    Dune may be out now as we might just use Ironstone for gutters and fascias. Not sure yet though. Externally we have full height masonry render, and we are thinking white birch for the windows.

    We went for our tile preselection on the weekend and ended up changing our ideas on interior colour, and kitchen scheme. I'll do a new post soon with the details.