Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Waiting, waiting, waiting

Thought I would throw up a quick update on where we are at.  Council has approved us.  That came through last week and I'm pretty happy with that result.  They turned our application around in 3 weeks, 1 week quicker than the 4-6 weeks they predict.  The private certifier should be taking the remaining of their work to Coral today.

Last week we also got the variations for the extra things we selected at our finishes meeting.  I was pretty happy with those prices, although I'm not looking forward to our electrical extras!

So now we're just waiting on a start date.  Vicki, our CSO at Coral made a guesstimate last week that if all things fall in to place we could have a start date issued by this Friday.  We;re not getting our hopes up, but hopefully that's a good indication that it will in face be sooner rather than later.  If we get do get it by Friday, that should translate into getting started around the 20th July or definitely in that last week of July.  So maybe, we will be in around the end of October??!! We'll see!


  1. Ahhh.. the waiting is the hardest part Ads. Hope she's right about your site start date :)

  2. Yeah, to be honest the waiting hasn't bothered me too much for some reason. But maybe in the last week I have had a few thoughts of, I just can't wait to get in there". I've really just been trying to keep it out of my mind as best as possible to avoid being let down by delays.

    I'm hoping for Friday (which probably means Monday) too, but I don't see it happening. I'm expecting them hit us with a price rise as we have passed our start date due date thing. And if so I'm going to arguing it. We would be well and truly started by now if they had just put the things we needed disability wise in the first tender. Instead we had to go back and forth to a third tender before they would do the things we needed. I think that that makes the delay their fault!?!?! Not sure if I'm going to have much of a leg to stand on with that one though. Seems as they can quite easily get you stuck between a rock and hard place. Do you scrap it and start again with another builder and lose your deposit, or just take the hit?