Tuesday, July 12, 2011

So close now!

Ok, update time... the slab design has come through now from the new company that Coral uses after Heltech shut up shop.  We're having a different type of slab now.  Apparently it is a thinner slab, but it's stiffer.  I don't know too much about them, but I've been told from some people online that it's a pod slab, whatever that is.  To be honest I don't really care what type of slab it is, as long as there is a house sitting on it and it doesn't fall down!  So, drawing for that are off to the private certifier, which will hopefully come back on Thursday, the same day that Coral should receive the signed variation.  So I am hoping that by Friday or definitely early next week we should have a start date!

Raelene posted a video (destination3977.blogspot.com) of a before and after of their estate the other day, which inspired me to take some video and post it up here.  Here it is...


  1. Great vid Ads. Makes mine look second rate :)

  2. Credit goes to iMovie.. it's so user friendly.

    I was talking to Mum the other day, and she was having a laugh at the "Laurie STOP" subtitle!

    About a split second before that came up I was thinking shit Laurie, stop....stoppp. Mum said she was too! Awesome timing!

    You're place looks sooo good. You must be itching for Thursday! When will you move?

  3. Omg your mum reads my blog??
    Hi denyse :)

    I can assure you, when loz nearly ran up that cars rear end I wasnt nearly so polite!!

    Gotta time the move around the big v season, so the truck is booked for the 30th, last round pre finals. We'll do some painting, grout sealing and all that next weekend and probably need to pack at some stage too :)

  4. You'll need to get out the inflatable mattress as sleeping bags!