Thursday, August 11, 2011

...and they're off and racing!

On Tuesday we got started and we had our on-site meeting with our Site Supervisor, Steve. He seems like a really good guy and that he's going to be extremely easy to deal with. Nothing much had been done yet, but that was kind of expected, even though there was a chance that the site cut may had been done the day before. It was being done later that day and was only going to take about an hour. So when we were therem we had a toilet, a green fence and the gravel for the driveway.

It was also good to see that a lot had been done on the estate remaining stages. Our street is more or less finished, as are the other streets in stage 6 and onward, and a lot of the blocks have been shaped. The more of this work that is done before we are finished the better as the access point to the site is one block across from us! Khai will love it though! There's heavy machinery everywhere!

Here's a shot of what's being done. I just used a program called DoubleTake to stitch some pics together and it was awesome. Only took 1 minute tops. I was expecting it to be trickier! Big thumbs up. I think I'll register it so I can get rid of the watermark you get in trial mode.

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