Friday, August 26, 2011

Framing has begun

The frame started on Thursday. The weather has been holding out the last couple of days, but it looks like it could bucket down at any point. We're suppose to have some rain this weekend, but then a week of 'mostly fine, possible shower". I went down Thursday at around 11am and they had the rooms all mapped out with timber and it made the slab look big again, but I'm sure once the walls are actually up it'll look small again! Nathan the chippie seems like a good bloke and had spotted a couple of things on the plan that he wanted to ask me about, which I was pretty impressed with. The opening through to the wet areas at the back of the house was only 850mm and he noticed that most of the doors were 920mm, so asked if we wanted that a touch wider. He was really accommodating too with making provisions for the dog door to go through the wall.

Here's a pretty rough snap of what they had done so far.

And a wide view from the closest corner to our place. You can see our water tank there at the back of the block!

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