Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Almost framed!

Chippie thinks that he'll probably be done by about lunch tomorrow... house is looking great. The roof space down the guts of the house above the living/dining/kitchen is huge... would be a great space for one of those roof cavity storage solutions...although might be hard getting up there!

Gutters have arrived on site so here's hoping that all of the these 'shower or two' days keep amounting to nothing much.


  1. Ads it's HUGE!
    That last pic, is that from behind your house? (hard to tell on my iPhone). It looks like a great area :)

  2. That last pic is from the side. The retaining wall is the back of the block... The block is wider at the front (~26m) than at the back (~13m), so the fence will run pretty close to the back corner of the garage (on the left of the pic) then pretty close to the back corner of the laundry (right side of the pic).

    The house takes up a good portion of the block, so certainly not a a huge yard. With the big frontage, there are a lot of m2 out the front unfortunately. But to have room for the 3 car garage, it had to be that way, or find many more $000's for a much bigger block, which wasn't going to happen!

    It's getting exciting now!