Saturday, April 9, 2011

It's the weekend, so that means.....

...time to change our minds again!!!  We were talking paint again this morning, talking about perhaps either going to Beige Royal Half, or maybe even a white.  This idea came about talking about this lounge we like and what colour we would get.  We like the idea of tan, but talking to Mum last night, she pointed out that we may want to be careful having too many tan/beige/wood tones all in the one space.  We have the oak dining table, timber laminate flooring and at that stage, Beige Royal Half on the walls, with a tan lounge to go in there too! 

So, long story short, we decided that perhaps white is the way to go, to kind of freshen it all up, and then adding colour with accessories and decorations.  Off to Bunnings with the initial thought that we liked Antique USA, or what ever it is called.  When we got there, we had a bit of a look and we both really like, and have decided on Stowe White, with interior woodwork and doors being done in Fair Bianca Half.

As per usual the colours don't look quite the same on screen, but you get the idea.

Now as far as feature colours go, Stowe White was recommended to be accompanied by...

Grass Sands

And, Bay's Water

We're thinking that we'll put the Grass Sands in the living room on the wall that the TV will go on, between living and activity room/bedroom 3, then put Bay's Water in the Activity Room on the wall between Activity and Bathroom.

We're both really happy with this, and think that it's finally come together.  We've just been refining it right!?

So then off to Harvey Norman to check out this couch and have some lunch.  The couch is REALLY nice, and REALLY REALLY comfortable.  It's not exactly Tan.  They call the colour Pebble.  Here it is, although it's a little lighter than it looks here (iphone camera).

So deposit is down on the lounge suite and they'll call next week to let us know when we can be expecting it.  I also want to raise the suite up a bit to make it easier to jump on and off.  Thinking about 10cm, so they are looking into that with some contacts of theirs, but adding some spacers between the existing legs and the base shouldn't be too difficult at all.


  1. ROFL...I thought I was bad!!
    Like them all, but a word of caution about Fair Bianca - I've read somewhere that it throws pink.
    As you know, we're going Beige Royal 1/4 after originally choosing full strength. One of our blog buddies, Deb, has just moved in and has 1/4 strength, plus we just painted Erin's room here in the old house with it to test it out (not that we can change now), and it's really warm with a hint of grey thrown into the beige. Not a brown person, but Beige Royal 1/4 I like. But at the end of the day, it doesn't matter what anyone else does, you've gotta love it yourselves!!

  2. Thanks for the heads up Raels. We got some sample pots too yesterday and I have done up a canvas in Stowe White and some skirting board in Fair Bianca. I only did it last night so haven't seen it in natural light yet but it looked good under lights. Might do up a larger board for the FB.5 do get an idea on doors. Looks real nice with the Stowe though.

    Saw your post. Ramsay is so close to those bricks it's crazy! They're jetting through your place. The building gods must be repaying you after your land hold ups.