Tuesday, April 12, 2011


One of the biggest elements we've had to choose for the house is the flooring.  We decided that we like Timber Laminate, and we are having that throughout the entire house, except for tiling in the wet areas.

We had a choice of around 15 or so styles and narrowed it down to three from that.  One that Stacey liked, and two that I liked.  As with all of the other elements, it is so hard to visualise from a fairly small sample.  Thankfully Parador has a pretty good website, that provides pictures of an identical scene with the different flooring options.

The three we short listed were Natural Wild-Cherry, Natural Maple, and Limed Oak.  For some reason the exact Wild Cherry doesn't appear on the Parador website.  The other two do, and we also looked at a Natural Maple wideplank, which I don't think is available to us, but we had a look at it anyway.

Here are those three...

First, Natural Maple

Second, Natural Maple wideplank

And lastly, Limed Oak

What would you choose???


  1. Natural maple -all day long. Timeless. Won't clash with your pink walls (just kidding!!) a nice touch of warmth to break up the white.

    There's just too many decisions to make!!

  2. Natural maple is what we picked too.

    Trying out Peplum 1/4 and Vivid White today Raels. It was funny I couldn't see any hint of the pink other than it is kind of slightly flesh toned, but that is more so the Fair Bianca full strength. Anyway, I took a photo of the canvas in Stowe White with the FB 1/2 skirting with my iphone, with Halogen lights above and the iphone flash, and the skirting was kind of glowing pink. So I tried the same thing with Lexicon and White on White and then had a slight blue glow, as expected. Ever since, I can kind of always see the pinkish tone in the FB 1/2, even though I think it's largely in my head now!

    So long story short, trying some others. Last thing I want is a certain light mix to ever hit the doors and it throw that tone off.

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